Finally, vacations are here, for sure the most waited time of the year! 🏖

We all dream about the feeling of warm sand in your toes, a tasty cocktail in hand, and the sweet sound of work email pinging on your phone.

Wait, what?! That sounds more like working remotely from an expensive and exotic locale versus taking a vacation. 💻

Vacation is a great way to reboot all three of your operating systems: the cognitive, the physical, and the emotional systems.

Part of being a good leader begins with recognizing that you and your teams must take time off.


Here are six reasons why taking a vacation makes you a better leader. 🤓

Enhanced Brain Performance (Cognitive System)

Take a break from your work to allow your mind to wander and do some subconscious mental filing and organization. Have you ever solved problems in the shower? That’s your subconscious brain at work.

Deeper Personal Connection (Emotional System)

Relationships with others improve our well-being. Going on vacation allows us to be fully present for the people that matter most in our lives.

    Improved Physical Health (Physical System)

    Time off is good for our physical health. Health benefits include lowering heart rate and blood pressure, which reduce the risk of heart disease and chronic illness caused by stress.

    Improved Emotional Health (Emotional System)

    Vacations can be a great source of positive emotion, providing opportunities to strengthen relationships and to experience engagement within, all of which lead to improved well-being.

    More Innovative Thinking (Cognitive System)

    When we discover and explore new places, we gain new perspectives. New experiences can encourage new neural pathways to be built in the brain. Research shows cognitive flexibility increased after a long summer holiday.

    Increased Team Capacity (Bonus)

    When you disconnect from your work as a leader, your team has an opportunity to grow and learn in your absence.

    This can improve agency and capacity in the people on your team. It can free you up to work at a more strategic level with your colleagues.

    If you are still curious to discover a little more about the subject, we will leave the link to this interesting article below.

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