Don’t you find it unbelievable? 🧐
A recent Gallup survey found that less than half of employees feel strongly that their employer does not care about their well-being. 😣

Good Leadership Is an Act of Kindness is the most innately human leadership strategy.
Being kind to your employees is a powerful way to keep them motivated and engaged.

Unfortunately, the notion of kindness in the form of simple words and gestures often gets lost when CEOs and managers are in perpetual crisis management mode, struggling with layoffs, remote work technology, market woes, and a range of other frustrating disruptions.

These situations force them to reevaluate their priorities, and in most cases, they forget to employ kindness as a tool to improve their relationship with their teams.

You can make a difference and make kindness a part of your company culture!
Here are straightforward, some ways to practice kindness as a matter of course: 🤗

  1. « I hear you. »
  2.  » Are you okay? »
  3.  » What can we do to help? »
  4.  » What can we do to help? »
  5.  » I’m here for you. »
  6.  » I know you’re doing the best you can. »
  7.  » Thank you. »

Go ahead and dare to care for those around you! 🦚

  • Being kind translates to improved morale and performance.
  • Kindness is teachable.
  • Kindness is contagious as well as calming.
  • Kindness activates the part of our brain that makes us feel pleasure.
  • Being kind is good for our own and our employees’ mental health.

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