It’s Monday, the perfect day for making new resolutions! 

And, what if we start this week with a little bit of kindness? 💐


We all know that everybody wants to be happy. But how can we meet that goal? 

We offer you a humble suggestion: Kindness. 🤗


This past year, most management advice has focused on maintaining productivity during the pandemic, but the power of kindness on performance has been underestimated.🧐


Practicing kindness by complimenting and acknowledging those around us has the power to transform our workplace.


That’s why today, we dare to share with you the power of kindness at the workplace!

Practicing kindness will be immensely helpful to our colleagues.

Being recognized at work helps reduce employee burnout and absenteeism, and improves employee well-being. 

Receiving a compliment, words of recognition, and praise can help individuals feel more fulfilled, boost their self-esteem, improve their self-evaluations, and trigger positive emotions

Practicing kindness helps life feel more meaningful

Being kind brings a sense of meaning because it involves investing in something bigger than ourselves. It shapes both how others perceive us which improves our reputation and how we view ourselves. 

We draw inferences about who we are by observing our behavior, and our acts of kindness make us believe that we have what it takes to be a good person.

Giving compliments can make us even happier than receiving them.

Giving compliments make people happier than receiving them. This creates a stronger social connection than receiving compliments because giving them encouraged people to focus on the other person. 

Sure, receiving a compliment feels great, but making a thoughtful, genuine compliment requires us to think about someone else their mental state, behavior, personality, thoughts, and feelings.

If you are still curious to discover a little more about the subject, we will leave the link to this interesting article below.

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