What is the anatomy of a positive leader? 🤓

Being an effective leader includes many aspects, from experience and knowledge right through to planning and strategy.


Great leaders offer so much more than business knowledge and strategy. They know how to build trust and empower their teams.


Their soft skills are what puts them apart into a league that surpasses the traditional leadership model. 💪

The specific anatomy of a leader varies as much as the businesses they lead. But some skills separate the positive leaders from the not-so-positive ones.


Here we leave you six elements of the Anatomy of a positive leader.

Communicate positively

This attitude would have to be one of the biggest influencers in the workplace.

As a leader, your influence will carry significant weight.

If you choose to congratulate and encourage or to order and criticize, your choice will set the tone of your leadership.


Express their gratitude

A leader who takes the time to acknowledge the hard work of their staff is going to build a robust and trust-based team.

On the other hand, leaders who only give orders without appreciating the value of others will not gain the trust and respect of their team members.

Show empathy

A leader has a high level of emotional intelligence and empathy.

Showing empathy to staff members will contribute significantly to positive workplace culture and job satisfaction.

We all want to feel understood; a strong leader knows that and makes sure it happens.


Empower and develop others

Successful leaders are quick to share their knowledge and do what they can to empower others.

They want to grow the leadership and recognize the skills of the members of their team.

Take responsibility

A clear telltale sign of a good leader steps up and accepts responsibility every time.

There is nothing worse than a leader who will step aside and let one of their team members take the blame for an unfortunate situation or outcome.


Unite their team

While it’s good to be vulnerable and to let your team know that you are a person, it’s also essential to see the vulnerabilities of others and to unite your staff.

A positive workplace is one where every team member feels valued, respected, and recognized.

If you are still curious to discover a little more about the subject, we will leave the link to this interesting article below.

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