It’s Monday, a great day for identifying and solve toxic dynamics at work.


Today we bring you the 8 main causes of disengagement at the workplace.


Because disengagement is contagious, do not wait until it’s too late.


Allow employees to act, and listen to their ideas to transform an anxiety-provoking and dangerous situation for all your partners into a real strength.


💡These are some elements that may cause disengagement!

Recognize, prevent and act

1.A bad work atmosphere

2.Unattainable objectives


A bad working environment often has a lot of stress.  Naturally, we prefer to avoid stress, but it is increasingly common at home and work.


Everyone seems to be able to deal with a level of stress, but work stress is not always visible.

  1. A poor communication
  2. Recurrent and incomprehensible changes
  1. Management that leaves a lot to be desired.
  2. Lack of opportunities for career development.
  1. Lack of recognition.
  2. Non-recognition of one’s qualities and values.

After all, how can we find a cure?


Now that you have recognized these causes, it’s time to find a cure.

It’s all about recognition of everyone strengths


Dare to question yourself and show your employees that they have a place in the company.


By putting in place measures that explore the personal motivations of each person, you will avoid a crisis.


You will then transform an anxiety-provoking and dangerous situation for all stakeholders into a real strength.

Osez le don !
Léon 🦚

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